Quick and easy photo booth props and banners :)

We are currently building a photobooth wall (SO EXCITED) to look something like this. I’ve got a few old hats and other accessories, but it ain’t a photobooth without a few moustaches, right? So I found these free printables, printed them on heavy cardstock, and glued them to some dowels I found in the floral section of Jo-Anns for a few bucks. ImageI’ve also seen those adorable thank you photos like this one:

And I wanted to do that too. I printed them on the same heavy duty card stock, punched some holes in the top, and threaded through some blue and green ribbon. Now we will have cute thank you pictures. I was on a roll, so I made one for my card table too – I put scrapbook paper backing left over from my invitations on the back to make them stand out, since they would be up against a white table. If you want either of these printables, just let me know and I’ll send ’em on over. 🙂



Our goofy take on table numbers!

Remember that whole “I love photographs” thing? Well I am incorporating them pretty much everywhere possible, and I got a great idea of taking photos with the table numbers from this website,. However, I didn’t love how the couple was just holding a piece of paper with a printed number, so I decided to go a little bigger. I bought 10 pieces of black posterboard (about $5) and cut out large numbers, enough to make all the numbers up to 21.  My fiancé’s mom took our photos, and the photos are very accurate to how goofy and odd we are. I got the frames from craiglist for $20 from a bride who had previously used them at her wedding, and printed the photos in black an white ($3 from Walgreens). To make the numbers stand out a bit more, I outlined them in silver glitter puffy paint ($3 from hobby lobby). Voila – table numbers for around $31. I love them 🙂Image