Cupcake tower!

We decided to go the route of cupcakes, and found a great hometown bakery to whip them up for us: Gwen’s Catering. Her cakes are AAAAAAAMAZING. We went in for a tasting, and I’m not sure what the proper protocol is, but we practically licked our plates clean after each generous slice of cake. And, even better, her cupcakes were very affordable and included a standard 6 inch cake on the top of the cupcake tower for us to cut the cake. Anywhoo…I had no idea how to distinguish cupcake flavors from each other, so I whipped up this little document and threw it in a garage sale frame. I’m meeting with the caterer in a week, and will be coloring the cupcakes to help people find the flavor they want. Yay! If you want the document, just let me know and I’ll email it to you! I literally spent 20 minutes looking for cupcake clipart that was cute enough…I’d hate for anyone to have to do the same. 😉Image