Kid’s Activity Book

Since my fiancé and I are expecting at least 20 kids under the age of 13 or so, and with my whole career-in-teaching thing, I figured I should find a way to keep the kiddos entertained, especially during cocktail hour. Thus, my search for a kid’s activity book commenced. I found this one from lovelyindeed which I LOVED: However, I wanted to add a few more pages. After googling a few other kid’s books, I came up with this as a final product. I bundled together some crayons that I collected from a restaurant with some scrap material in one of my wedding colors – spring green. (SIDENOTE: did you know restaurants throw away crayons after ONE use due to health code? Craziness. They all look brand new and were FREE) Total cost for this project: nada. Supplies: printer, paper, stapler, crayons, scissors, scrap material. Easy peesy and super cute if I do say so mahself. 🙂 Image



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